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This is an online tool that helps you to compare two people's height with an image. Using this Height Comparisons tool you can easily calculate your and your future partner's height how you both look. The height comparison tool helps give an appreciation of height differences. It works for a wide variety of people and objects.

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For heights in centimeters, set Feet to 0 and Inches to the measurement in centimeters. Don't mix the two systems, you'll get a wrong result.

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About HeightComparisons.com ?

Welcome to HeightComparisons.com In this website we help you to calculate OR compare your height with other person(Loved Ones) with the exact measurement given to you in terms of male and female and it's very easy and handy to use with just few clicks you get your height comparison with approximately exact measurement .

How To Use HeightComparisons.com ?

Its very simple and easy to use these height comparison site there are two graphs in the left side which are an outline of an human body. On right side there are the measurement box where you have to just type your your measurement , with your exact height and there is a male and female check box you can select your category of male and female .

After that you can see there are two images, one is on the left and the other is of the right graph . The left side graph image can be compared with male and female and the right side graph image can be compared with each other . According to you choose whatever male and female you are opting to choose . After typing your measurement just click on the Check box given the black colour .

There you go check on the left side box you get your result with ease .

What Is Height ?

Height is also a measure of distance. Well, it is not the same as measured in case of length. Height is the measure of vertical distance of the object. i.e. the measure of an object from top to bottom. Height of an object is usually referred to as altitude. In case of three dimensional objects such as trees, buildings and mountains, the measurement of their height is one of the key factors that gives them more importance. It can also be defined as the measurement of the vertical distance of the object from its lowest point to its highest point. Height is also one of the quantities measured to determine the physical fitness of humans Height has the same units of measurement as in case of length. It is measured in terms of meters, inches, feet and miles.

Average Height for Men Worldwide

As we compare to men in other parts of the world, the American People have an very good average height across the worldwide .

In some countries, like the Netherlands and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the average height is just over 6 feet tall.9 In parts of Asia—particularly Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines)—the average falls around 5 feet 4 inches or less.

On the other hand, the tallest men overall appear to come from the Nilotic people of the Sudan, where the average height has been pegged at 6 feet 3 inches.10 Here are a few average male heights in various countries, ranked from highest to lowest.11

Average Male Heights Globally
Country Average Male Height
Netherlands 6'
Denmark 5'11"
Bermuda 5'10"
Canada 5'10"
Hungary 5'9"
South Korea 5'9"
Bahamas 5'8"
Thailand 5'7"
Honduras 5'6"
India 5'5"
Guatemala 5'4"

Increasing concern of height comparison in the world

Height has an important role in our lives. Whenever we visit any place or meet any new person, the foremost feature is the height which gets into the notice. Many people have an attractive height. However, these days, most people are suffering from height comparison phobia.

The average height of Asian girls lies between 5’0 to 5’5, whereas, for boys, it is 5’4 to 5’11. Having a tall height is count in your blessings as it personifies a person. Only Americans, Australians and Europeans are the ones who are left with tall height. Nowadays, many short-height people are also found on these continents.

Several medicines and treatments are available in the market to get a tall height. Yet only a few of them are successful. Rest is giving side effects to the person, creating hormonal balance diseases in an individual’s body. Because height is connected with hormones due to which it can cause severe negative effects on the hormones.

To get a good height, a child should consult a dietitian or physician in its early stage. Otherwise, it will put a stop to the growth of a child. Females are the ones who grow until puberty. But male starts growing from the puberty.

Barriers to height growth occur due to several issues, such as a change in hormones, genetics, lack of excessive, malnutrition, mensuration, etc. If these factors do not take place, a child can have a tall height.

A man can increase his height, but once a woman starts getting on mensuration, growing her height becomes the impossible challenge. As the hormones already settle down in the body due to which growth hormones stop growing. This leads to the height comparison problem.

There are several methods available due to which one can increase his/her height. Taking a proper diet in which, a full course meal loaded with required nutrients, regular exercise, etc., helps you get a taller height. Consult a doctor for increasing it righteously.

Height and weight comparison

Here in this website we provide height comparison tool. In future we upadate our software, as your recomandation.

5 feet girl and 6 feet boy

If girl is 5 feet and boy is 6 feet it means there are 1 feet difference between both. If boy height is more then a girl, that means its look good and both are looking a perfect couple.

Height comparison cm to feet.

In this website we provide you a perfect height comparison tool. in this tool you can calculate height difference between two person. the messuring value used in this tool is feet.

Height comparison out of 100

Our website provides world best Height comparison tool. in this tool you can calculate height difference between two person, its a Height comparison tool out of 100.

FAQ for Height Comparisons

We bring some most frequently asked questions by most of the people regarding height. In Asia and many other parts of the world, height comparison has become the issue among youngsters. Therefore, we are going to answer some questions.

Q.1 Height difference between couples charts.

Ans. On google, you will find various charts that show the difference in the height of the couples. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are shorter or taller than your partner. Your height does not describe your personality.

Q.2 Height difference couples.

Ans. Once you google height comparison and its results, you come to know that you are not alone. Several other couples have height differences in their relationship, but these factors do not impact the relation.

Q.3 Celebrity height comparison.

Ans. The most interesting thing is to check the height difference of the celebrity couples. Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, countless couples have a major height comparison issue. Yet they are still dating each other or together.

Q.4 What is the ideal human height?

Ans. For women, it is 161cm, and for men, it is 175cm.

Q.5 What height is most attractive?

Ans. The most attractive height is 5’8 which can attract any person. Be it, men or women.

Q.6 What should be the height difference between husband and wife

Ans. The best height difference between husband and wife is 5 inch. it means husband is 5'9 or 5'8 and wife is 5'4 or 5'3.

Q.7 Ideal height difference between couples in India

Ans. In india Ideal height difference between couples is women, it is 161cm, and for men, it is 175cm.

Q.8 Perfect height difference between couples.

Perfect height difference between couples most attractive is the mens height is 5’8 and women height is 5'3.

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